• 2018 Project for Investment in Fishery Startups IR (Busan City, Pukyong National University's Startup Support Group)

  • Investment presentation by TIPS Management Company (Busan Techno Park)

  • Global Startup In-Out Support Project (Busan Metropolitan City)

  • Silicon Valley Landing Program

  • Implementation of R&D Advanced Human Resources Support Project to upgrade for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

  • Established mid- to long-term development strategies to revitalize startups in Ulsan

  • The 2nd Ocean Startup Competition Accelerator

  • A financial holding company chairman and bank president reputation check

  • Designated as a Co-Working Space Center (by Small and Medium Business Administration

  • Conducted the Demand and Actual Condition of R&D Support for the Development of Busan Hidden Champion Survey

  • Operated the first U-STAR Workshop (Ulsan Center for Creative Economy & Innovation)

  • WAPS HR consulting (HR system reinforcement project)

  • Opened CENTAP Business Center

  • Opened CENTAP (Centum Tech Startup Accelerating Program) TIPS Program

  • Opened Startup Cafe designated by Pusan Metropolitan City

  • Established B-SQUARE Corp.

  • Outsourcing service by Busan Information Industry Promotion Agency

  • H.K. Sophia Kim participated in “Fortune/U.S. State Department Global Women’s Partnership Program 2015” as a representative of South Korea

  • WAPS HR consulting (compensation and benefits, team building)

  • BOKSAN Group HR consulting (HR system reinforcement project)

  • Daesung Shipping HR consulting (job analysis, evaluation, reward work)

  • MOU with Busan Kyungsang College

  • Provided official support for the 95th World Lions Congress

  • Became a member of the Busan Chamber of Commerce & Industry

  • Selected as the provider of the job training course for female administrators at the Busan Metropolitan Education Training Institute

  • Mentor company of the Next Generation Women's Leaders Conference Mentoring Program by Busan Women's Family Development Institute

  • Provided reemployment training programs for the Busan Change Jobs Support Center

  • Conducted a mentoring program for the Korea Maritime and Ocean University/Busan University of Foreign Studies

  • Conducted a mentoring program for the women's faculty of the Korea Maritime and Ocean University

  • Signed an agreement to provide employment consulting services at Women’s Centers in Busan and Ulsan Metropolitan Cities.

  • Selected as the job fair organizer for Dongseo University, Wideok University, and Dongui University

  • Selected as a job consulting agency at Gumi Career Fair

  • Job fair organizer for universities designated by the Ministry of Labor

  • Provided job consulting at the Foreign Investment Business Job Fair at BEXCO

  • Certification of Strategic Industry Leader in Busan Metropolitan City

  • Provided HR consulting for the Women's Vocational Festival hosted at Busan/Ministry of Labor/Women's Center

  • Reemployment and entrepreneurship education and consulting services for foreign enterprises in the Busan, Gyeongnam, and Gyeongbuk regions

  • Provided recruitment services for L&P Automotive (25 positions)

  • Established JMConsulting, Inc.